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Originally born in Dallas, Don was adopted by the Smith family of Dallas, Texas at the age of one . He was brought up in a solid family structure and brought up in the church as well young Don participated in the choir where he got his first taste of music. Growing up Don struggled with balancing academics with the ways of the streets with fast money and hanging with the wrong crowd eventually the streets won. At 17 Don was kicked out of high school for truancy and hustling he later obtained his G.E.D. and enlisted into the army.

Soldier with Rhythm

Stationed in Alabama music was still always in the back of Don’s mind who eventually started teaching himself different musical equipments​. Taking some key notes from his idol Dr. Dre he soon turned his room into a homemade studio collaborating with fellow colleagues to produce music and write songs. Word soon began to spread of the soldier with a heart of music and he was invited by the USO to perform for soldiers and various Army Stations. Doing open mics in the tri state areas and producing Don was content being in the background and helping build other people dreams as well as working on his own. Don executive produced his first album for fellow soldiers and future Florida artist Fury . Don finished his run with the Army being honorably discharged in 2005, he returned to Dallas determined to make a name for himself. Being in the background was no longer an option for Don who wanted to step on front of the make and make a name for himself and share his story. Still continuing to produce for artist such as Lamon ” Koop” Jones and various Dallas artist he began molding his own path. Showcasing his talents on different platforms such as the Car Show Benefit and K104’s Annual Juneteenth Celebration and Kwanzaa Fest.

Future of Global Don

In 2011 Don debuted his talents with his first mixtape “Military Minded” and in 2016 his second studio mixtape “Street Politics”. Following his travels to Overseas to branch out with other artists and marketing . Its always great to see an artist giving back Don never forgot the city that made him speaking to youth at the Urban Specialists Group and Dallas Can Academy. 2021 is definitely the year of the Don and the future holds great things for this up and coming Dallas Gem.




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