Artist Name – Rigormortiz

Rigormortiz, is a British MC, rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer. He is also known as the Kameleon due to the versatility of his lyrical delivery. He is an independent artist whose music is not only limited to Hiphop and R&B but is also known to fuse different elements from various genres of music including house, Techno, Afrobeats and more.. Following the success of his debut mixtape, ”The Rigormortiz Project” which included hard hitting tracks like ”Bang Bang” and the melodic ”Click Click”, Rigormortiz has been back in the studio cooking up some hot new tracks. He is also rumoured to be working on some Shona and Ndebele albums as homage to his Zimbabwean Roots and has already released the melodic and romantic song ”Ndinotenda” which has received huge critical acclaim.

During his interview with Khaki Fever on ”Fever Radio” Rigormortiz admited that he was working on at least 6 top secret projects in which he has partnered with various talented artists and producers. His newer tracks ”Ratatata” and ”Freaky Freak” were produced by the talented Diamond Style and have received airplay from several Radio stations and Music TV Channels including MTV.

His very latest song, ”Magic”, a bouncy feel good dance-hiphop fusion track was released on New Years Day, 1/01/22 and was produced by the amazing ”Black Rose Beatz”. This song is already spinning on several radio stations and has received huge positive feedback from the masses. Look out for the Official music video for this song, Magic by Rigormortiz, which will be out on the 23rd of February 2022.